Essential Oils 101

The Essentials of Essential Oils | taught by Tracy Benson

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Get an Introduction to Essential Oils for Natural Health and Wellness - this is the perfect class for a beginner!
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Tracy Benson
Tracy Benson
EO Expert

Tracy A Benson, CPhT is a pharmacy technician, nutritionist and herbalist, who founded KfH to awaken the possibilities of natural health within the modern medical establishment, focusing on essential oils, herbs, and nutrition to build a healthy, happy lifestyle. Karma for Health aims to create a network of women who value holistic, affordable healthcare, yearn to share their knowledge and experiences, and strive to create a legacy of health and wellness for the future generations. The Problem: Modern medicine is blinded and ruled by the pharmaceutical industry; both communities are focused on compartmentalized health care and finical gains, instead of holistic, affordable options. In response, the general population suffers deficiencies in care and overall health. Modern medical professionals bulk at natural solutions due to bias opinions and a lack of knowledge, reinforced by their training. Our Solution: Karma for Health will promote natural solutions, such as essential oils, nutrition and herbs, to medical facilities with the objective of improving their environment through aromatherapy. Simultaneously, KfH will introduce individual healthcare professionals to natural solutions that will support their personal health and wellness. By providing high-quality products, extensive education and training programs, and knowledgeable support, Karma for Health will change the professional bias towards natural solutions, which they will share with the general public. KfH advocates for social and medical change.