• Tracy A Benson, CPhT

    Tracy A Benson, CPhT

    Wellness Advocate

    Greetings! My name is Tracy and I’m a pharmacy technician, nutritionist and herbalist, who founded KfH to awaken the possibilities of natural health within the modern medical establishment, focusing on essential oils, herbs, and nutrition to build a healthy, happy lifestyle. In English…. I teach self care! "Fill your cup first and let the world benefit from the overflow" Sometime during my 15+ years as a pharmacy technician and formal science education, I started to notice the shortfalls of modern medicine. While I will not argue its overall importance, including the necessity of emergency medicine, modern medicine is missing a few KEY ingredients. Although I couldn't originally put my finger on the actual missing pieces, I set out to uncover the culprits. I had conversations with hundreds of allopathic and complementary practitioners. I read through thousands of scientific and experiential research. I studied my own lifestyle and the lifestyles of those around me. Do you know what I noticed? Everything came back to preventative measures. But it didn't stop there! There must be a holistic focus. Mind. Body. Spirit. Everything in connection. Enter "Self Care." Taking preventative care of your mind, body, and spirit - alongside your primary health care - to improve your overall health. Science backs it. Experience confirms it. And I have made it my mission to teach it.


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